June 9th, 2013


A woman claiming sanctuary in a church in medieval Spain--possible or not?

Setting: Olvera, Spain, in 1410. It's historical fantasy, though, so the exact year and place are somewhat flexible.

My MC, a young poor woman, is accused of theft by a rich, well-respected person of the town. If she tries to claim sanctuary in a church, will that claim actually be respected by the local population and officials?

Googled: variations on "church sanctuary asylum Spain," "church sanctuary asylum women," (which only gave me wealthy women; my MC is poor), "Catholic sanctuary asylum Spain," "Catholic sanctuary asylum women," and "church sanctuary history law" but there's just so much clutter because sanctuary is such a common church word. I've found a lot about sanctuary in England, but almost nothing about it in Spain/Iberia.


Rifle for a woman hunter

Setting: real life

Terms searched: "choosing a rifle", "women and deer hunting", etc.

My MC is a thirty year old woman of average height and weight in better-than-average condition.
Part (_part_) of her Wall Street job is "schmoozing" potential investors. Sometimes that means buying them an expensive dinner and some drinks and letting them vent, or getting choice seats to the latest play or The Big Game. Sometimes it means spending a week or so on their yacht, or going hunting with them.
Since she lives in Manhattan, owning a gun wasn't worth it when she was doing this 2-3 times a year - she was able to plan ahead and borrow or rent. But more and more people are asking for this, and it's time to, um, bite the bullet.
Not looking to show off expertise or interest she doesn't have; just a well-tested design capable suitable for everything from 200 lbs. of wild boar to 1000 pounds of Kodiak bear or moose.
Thoughts? (Personal experiences are even better! :-) Assume (in the beginning) we're talking bolt action, and that sights and any other customization will be handled separately. "Winchester model 70" and "Remington model 700" come up frequently on other sites.

THANKS everyone.

Not exactly what I was looking for but very helpful all the same.