June 5th, 2013

marcus 2013

Back in the USSR... Russian translation

For a present-day story I want to describe a Russian character as singing something, and for various reasons I think that a Russian translation of Back in the USSR would work really well; it's also an in-joke for anyone who has seen a well-known extract from the film 'Heartbreakers', where Sigourney Weaver sings the English version while pretending to be a Russian ex-pat:


I only want to quote a few lines, but I'm not looking for a literal or Google translation, I'm looking for a version that a Russian might actually sing. There's a video of a Dutch group singing a Russian version as a tribute to the Beatles:


Unfortunately I have no idea how authentic it is, and I have no idea how to transcribe this into text, with cyrillic letters if possible. I can't find the Russian lyrics anywhere at all. I should mention that the character is female - don't know enough about Russian to know if this actually matters.

Anyone able to point me at a source?

Searches used "Back in the USSR russian translation", "Back in the USSR russian lyrics"

Now sorted - http://www.amalgama-lab.com/songs/b/beatles/back_in_the_ussr.html