May 29th, 2013


financial assistance to children of police officers slain in line of duty

Setting: Chicago. The shooting would have taken place in the mid-1990s, and the embezzlement anytime in the last few years.

Questions: My main character loses both of her police officer parents in a shooting; what kind of financial assistance will she get from the police department or from the government? Also, how easy or difficult would it be for her legal guardian to embezzle this assistance, before or after she becomes a legal adult?

Search Methods/Terms: Googling "police officer death benefit" has given me a wealth of information on what exists at the moment (the Officer Down Memorial Page is great), but it's difficult to figure out what the situation would have been in the mid-1990s. Apparently the Law Enforcement Officers, Civil Defense Workers, Civil Air Patrol Members, Paramedics and Firemen Compensation Act was amended in 1995, but I can't find what it was amended from into its current form.

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Text of Drinking Age Laws

Setting: Chicago, 1981-2

What I need to know: The actual text of whatever statute covered the drinking age that year. I know 1984 was when the National Minimum Drinking Age Act passed, but according to Wikipedia Illinois had raised the state drinking age to 21 in 1980, and that's the law I really want the text of.

What I've tried: I've checked pretty much all the drinking-age related pages on Wikipedia, and googled "illinois drinking age" adding "statute," "law," "pre-1984," and "1980," "1981," and "1982." Most of the results were Wikipedia or pages about the modern debate over the drinking age. I finally found this page which gave me a summary of the bill and the bill number, so I tried googling "h.b. 21" adding various combinations of "illinois drinking age," "bill text," and "1979" to that search but still can't find the actual text.