May 21st, 2013

Tracing a Call

Would the technology for tracing a telephone call (pin-pointing the caller's location) be available in 1950, even if not commonly in use by the police?

Location: Vancouver, Canada (phone calls would be made within the city)
Terms googled: many combinations of telephone, trace/tracing, call, history, police, all of which return many hits for how to trace your current phone history; have skimmed several articles about the history of telephones in general and in the 1950s/1940s; any suggestions for google searches also welcomed
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World War I: Injured Horses and People

Setting: England, July/Early August of 1914, very beginning of World War I.

Terms Searched: Essentially, I searched for "horses" and "broken legs", "horses" "shooting injured horses", "World War I" got some of what I was looking for: I found articles that discussed how injured/suffering horses were dealt with in WWI and general information on why broken legs are bad news for them. I also found on Wikipedia the American Academy of Neurology's grading-scale for concussions, which I'm using as a reference. However, some of the questions I have here are a bit too specific/unusual for Google.

(Warning, somewhat grim discussion of unpleasant horse death/injury below the cut)

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Thank you to anyone who can help me with this, as I know those questions are a bit detailed and specific. Just want to make sure the story is as realistic as possible.