May 9th, 2013

Busting open an airlock in space

Here is the setup. The heroes need to get to their space ship which is in a docking bay on a large space station. The bad guys have it surrounded so the good guys blow open the exterior doors to the bay...

So questions...

Based on MOVIES (since I have never tried this... yet) there is explosive decompression which causes a violent rush of air and blows everyone out of the hanger into space. This sounds great, but is it real? The pressure difference between a pressurized shuttle bay and outside is only 1 atmosphere, does not seem like it would really do that.

Second question, would the size of the hole matter for the wind force? Say a door made for a normal person verse the hanger doors.

Research I have done has been Google searches with various key words such as "explosive decompression," "air lock open in space," and so on. The problem is all the reliable links I found talked about the impact to the body of the sudden exposure to vacuum and nothing about the air velocity blowing or not blowing out. I did not know where to turn after that, so I came here. :)