May 6th, 2013

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[ANON POST] Russian name for a black cat

Hello, dear LJ community.

I do not have an LJ account, but I have been following little details for years now.

Here is my question :

Subject line : Russian name for a black cat

In my story, a little boy gets a kitten from a russian family. I would like to give a Russian name to the cat, but I don't speak a word of Russian so I'm quite helpless ;_; . For the purpose of my story, the Russian family gives the cat a name starting by "i", because the kid's name starts with an "i" too.
I thought of going with Russian names (Iliych, Ievgueni or Igor), but I'm not too sure about giving a person's name to an animal.
The kitten is a black male, if that helps.
What do Russian people name their cat ? I mean, beside the universal "Get out of here, you furry bugger !" ^^
I would like a name fitting for a pet/cat. It can be "furry one", or whatever black-related. It will grow to be a big fluffy cat, so anything sounding fluffy/big/imposing can work too. As long as it start with an "i".

I went through the Internets, and I came up with Russian breeds cat owner suggestions like :

Idislav, Ielisei, Ien, Ignat, Ignatei, Igor, Igorechek , Igorek Igoryok , Ikar, Ilia, Ilyich, Ilyusha, Iney (hoar-frost), Innokentiy, Ioann, Iosip, Irbis, Iris, Iron, Irtish, Iskra, Ismail, Ivan, Ivanko, Izya.

The best site I found by far is this :

I like it a lot because there are explanations !
But as previously mentionned, all these are people's names, so I'm not too sure of myself.

Any help will be greatly appreciated; thank you very much.

I hope my request will fit your requirements.
Do not hesitate to let me know if I can help in any way.