May 5th, 2013


medieval passenger ships

All right, half a day of googling and I'm coming up blank. Hopefully someone here can help!

I'm basing a story event loosely around The White Ship disaster of 1120 (where Henry I's only surviving legitimate son dies, leaving England in the succession crisis when his daughter Maud went up against Stephen, and led to Maud's son Henry becoming king, etc). I know how many people were aboard, the facts of it... but does anyone have any idea of the actual accommodation or layout of such a ship?

Since this story is fantasy, I'll even settle for ideas of passenger accommodation on vessels during Imperial Rome or later Middle Ages? Bearing in mind that there will be a lot of noble passengers on this particular ship.

Thank you!
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Words for 'gay man' in French, Italian, German or Russian in the early 1900s

The fic is set in a fictional European country. The speaker grew up in many cities in Europe in the very early 1900s, and is canonically an expert speaker of English, French, Italian, German, and Russian. The time period of the fic is the 1920s.

I'm looking for a word for 'gay man' in French, Italian, German or Russian that he might have heard on the street in any of those countries in the period from 1905-1915. No problem whether it's derogatory or not, or carries connotations of the speaker being gay themselves or not.

I've come up with a few possibilities via Googling various combinations of the names of the languages, the time period I want and 'slurs for homosexual', 'words for gay', etc. etc., but I keep running into a wall when I try to pin down specific words to check their etymology, because the pages end up being in German, French, Italian and Russian.

Thanks for any help!