May 4th, 2013

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[ANON POST] 1930's Driving time London to Essex?

Thank you for any help with this. My setting is England in early 1930's, and my character will be driving from London to a small village in Essex. I have determined that an average highway-cruising speed for his type of car would have been 40 mph, and that the distance from London W1 to the general area of the village is about 68 miles (about 1.5 hours) on modern roads at modern highway speeds.

I am uncertain how much extra time should be allowed for the road conditions/routes/populated areas of the period. I do not need a very tight timetable, but it is good to know whether it would be a 2 hour trip or a 4 hour trip, for example.

I have Googled "scenic routes" and "b roads" for the cities, as well as variations of "road conditions britain 1930's" and "driving england 1930's" but I don't seem to be getting much.
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[ANON POST] Mental illness causing amnesia multiple times

I am looking for a disease/mental disability that could cause someone to lose their memory multiple times. Three times to be exact.
I have researched. I started by researching different types of memory losses. I looked at a list, read a bit about them, then researched some that seemed promising(but didn't work, or if they did, I didn't understand that). I also googled in my question a few different ways, though that did not work.
The types of memory loss that I thought were promising are vascular dementia(It is more of a forgetfulness, losing small memories I believe...though I felt like I was missing something with that, so maybe it does work?), transient global amnesia(that did not work as people gain their memories back. Always), and strokes. Strokes would probably work, though I would rather use something other than that. It is not the area I was intending for the character.

My story is set in modern day England, 2013, and my character is in her twenties. The setting is a hospital, mostly. The other MC has Schizophrenia, and his form is mostly delusions.

Thank you