April 25th, 2013


Morphine bottle size and overdose 1850s

Setting: A Nevada miner's camp in the 1850s.
Search terms: "morphine" "morphine overdose" "taste of morphine" "drinking morphine" "morphine 1800s" "morphine 1850s" "morphine bottles 1850s" "morphine and alcohol". Looked through little details poison and medical tags.

I've got John Q. Miner, a thief who's succumbing to pneumonia in the Nevada mountains in 1850. He swiped the morphine from a miner or a pharmacist earlier in the story, for future use, and when he came down with pneumonia he decided to self-medicate with alcohol and morphine. This is the stupidest thing he could have chosen to do, but he doesn't know this. Towards the end of his illness/life, he's hiding in a shed with a bottle of gin and his stolen morphine. I have him mixing the morphine with the gin and literally drinking himself to death, but I'm not sure how much morphine he would need to render himself unconscious/stop his breathing. A teaspoon? A cup? One bottle? Three?

I'm assuming the bottles would have been on the small side but the internet isn't giving me much context to compare them.

Thanks for your time and as usual, I promise I'm not killing anyone IRL!

Variable immune condition (for fungal zombies)

This is for the zombies I asked about here: http://little-details.livejournal.com/3314206.html
More details on them here: http://tamtrible.livejournal.com/169138.html

I need an immune condition for patient zero, so that my zombie fungus can evolve. Ideally, I'd like one where she, previously, had periods of extremely depressed immune response (particularly with regards to fungi), then periods of relatively normal immune function. I'd like her to have had several such episodes--ideally, something like immune function that's on and off (at least wrt fungi) for several months at a time, for several years. Essentially, I'm looking to evolve behavior of "hide in brain when there's an immune system, and grow when there's not", and I figure I have the best chance of that with alternating periods of "fungal free-for-all" and normal immunity.

I looked up "variable immune deficiency"... this doesn't quite sound like what I want, since it sounds like it doesn't have the dynamics I need, but it's all that's coming up.