April 23rd, 2013

Education and work possibilities (UK/Ireland)

Time: 2000 - 2010

Characters: male, 17, emancipated minor
                  female, mid 20s, high school math teacher

Where:      Colorado, USA
                 UK or Ireland

The general scenario is that the characters are a couple and want to move out of he country so their relationship isn't forbidden. I thought of them going somewhere to UK or Ireland because of the language but a spanish speaking country were they could also be a legal couple would work as well.

The plan is for them to go to this place and for him to study astronomy, preferable at a place that is well known for that (perhaps only among astronomers). Concering entry tests or qualifications or tution fees, that is not a problem. At the same time she would either need a job she could do with her qualification as a math teacher or allow her go back to University as well. In case of work the place would most likely know that she is having a relationship with an emancipated teen and would at least not judge her based on that.

My searches were centering around finding Universities teaching astronomy, but I can't find a place where I see what is known for that and this site

Salaries in California


Being from another country, I have serious trouble understanding how much would one need to earn in the US (California, in particular) to be middle class and what in particular it entails.

I have a single parent family living in a small town, with the parent working as a sheriff. Google informs that means $90-98k/year. Now, considering this family lives in their own house (no mortgage but I take it'd still take a considerable part of the wage away), is it a lot? Would the family be able to buy a new car just because? send the children to University without taking loans?

Thanks a lot!