April 19th, 2013

Prevalence of Skype in 2008

Pretty much what the subject says. Google tells me that Skype came to be in 2003, but I'm trying to find out if it was in common enough use in 2008 that it won't seem anachronistic. Also, most older references seem to lean towards Microsoft/Linux OS. Was it available for Mac in 2008? I tried all the google fu I could think of with combinations of skype/history/mac/2008 without much success. I also searched through the technology (misc) tags here in the comm. Any help would be appreciated!

Alternatively, if Skype wouldn't be realistic for my time frame, is there another common way to video chat that would have been available?

ETA: Great answers, thank you all! I realize from some of the answers that I should have added a couple more details to the question. My character is in the US, talking with someone in the US. Having video is the important element - - he needs to be able to see things on the other end.

THANKS everybody. This is all very helpful!

Which college did my character go to?

I'm writing a Smash fanfic and in canon my MC says he went to Cambridge University.

Cambridge has 30+ colleges, most of which focus of math and hard sciences. So which college would turn out someone who ended up as a dancer/choreographer/theater director?

(I mean really show, why couldn't you have him go to RAD or RADA?)

I have used my google-fu with search terms like: "dance at cambridge uk", "dancers at cambridge uk" "performing arts cambridge uk" "theaters cambridge uk" "famous performers from cambridge uk" (lots of actors, some musicians, no dancers)

(Just FYI, Cambridge Massachusetts =/= Cambridge UK)

I looked over the Wikipedia entries for every college at Cambridge. I have found schools that offer dance programs, but they are listed as "fourth rank" classes and you can't actually take an A-Level (master in) that field.

ETA: Thank you all for the help, I've decided the character was lying to piss off his rival - which totally works with the character and the canon.
Rival: "I graduated from Oxford, where'd you go?"
MC (with a smirk): "The other place."