April 16th, 2013

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Ideas for a "gap year" for someone who likes chemistry

Ok, so I'm writing a Sherlock BBC fanfic with a section that I'm going to have set during Sherlock's gap year, and I'm trying to find programs/courses/projects he could do. While he's usually thought of as a detective, he's also a chemist, and I thought I might focus on that. I'm not sure if this is relevant, but given the time line (basing Sherlock's age on his actor's), this would have been in about 1994. I looked up "gap year" and "gap year science programs", but most of that I got was very unspecific. Also, a lot of it involved traveling, and I'd like him to stay in England if possible.
Sheryl Nome

Replacement glasses - how to get them

Setting: modern day, NHS hospital
Scenario: my adult OFC has been attacked while out jogging. In the course of this, her glasses were knocked off and stood on, resulting in both lenses being smashed and the frame being rendered unwearable. Witnesses help drive her attackers off and call an ambulance; it's one of these guys who find her broken specs on the ground.

What I want to know is what will the result of this be at the hospital? She needs her glasses to see. Without them she won't even be able to do something as simple as cross a road safely, and she's likely to be walking into every lamppost, bin, parked car, low wall, pushchair and small child in her path. Would she be sent home anyway once her injuries are treated?

She's entitled to an NHS voucher towards the cost of her glasses, but the prescription on file at her optician's is several months old and already out-of-date so she'd need an eye-test as well.

Searches: "NHS glasses" "replacing NHS glasses" "getting replacement glasses after vandal attack".

Horse Ranch Ad in 1986

Hello, I need help pls.

The stage is Washington DC, May 1986. I need my character (white male, late 20s, white collar type -- if it matters at all, I dont know) to come across an ad in a newspaper (or anywhere else this kind of ads were posted back then) about a small horse ranch for sale within 150 - 170 miles from DC. Where such an ad would have been posted/published back then? I'm not 'native' to America.

I've googled 'ranch for sale in 1986', 'horse ranch ad 80s', 'where ranch for sale was advertised 80s', 'VA equestrian news 1986' and all sorts of variations of these phrases. I've found nothing useful.

And also, how much a small horse ranch of 15-20 acres, in the middle of no where would have cost in 1986?

Hope some one can help. Thank you so much!