April 10th, 2013

Civilian servants in modern day Norway

My story involves a young man entering civilian service as an alternative to military service in Norway. The year is 2010. I have a few different questions I need answers to, but am having extreme difficulty finding any information on the subject, either in English or Norwegian, especially since it looks like the option of civilian service was discontinued after 2012 (although I can't even confirm this). I've looked at Norway's official civilian service website, which is amazingly still functioning, but it doesn't answer the specific questions I have, as well as Googling and looking for wikipedia articles for phrases like "civilian service in Norway", "siviltjeneste i Norge", "siviltjeneste", "siviltjeneste i Bergen", etc.

These are the questions I'm trying to research:

1) For a young man given an assignment away from his home (say, he lives in Buskerud county but is given an assignment in Bergen), what kind of lodgings would he have? Would it be a hostel, or just inexpensive apartments, or were there special lodgings arranged specifically for this sort of thing?

2) What area in Bergen (neighborhood, district, etc.) would these lodgings be in? If you don't have an exact answer, what's a reasonable assumption of a location (again, neighborhood, district, whatever) for inexpensive lodgings in Bergen?

3) I've looked up a number of different actual assignments on the old Siviltjeneste website. One of them I'm interested in using is digitization and archival work at museums. How many civilian workers would have been assigned to these openings at once? Just one at a time, or multiple individuals? Would the civilian workers have worked with regular staff members, or would they have their own area in the building? And lastly, what position at the museum would they have reported to?

Thanks for as much information as anyone can give!