April 4th, 2013

Kazakh mythology

Hi all!

I'm looking for information on Kazakh mythology. Ideally, in my story I'd like to personify (or use, if already personified) a creature of some sort that's predatory. So far, the only Kazakh mythological creature I know of is zhalmauiz kempir, but she seems to prey exclusively on men, whereas I need my female character to be targeted.

The setting of my story is a dieselpunked San Francisco Chinatown, roughly 1920s-ish. The monster or creature can be from significantly earlier periods though.

I've tried searching Google and Wikipedia for "kazakh mythology", "kazakhstan mythology", "kazakhstan folklore", "kazakhstan superstitions"—in both English and Chinese—but I haven't found anything useful. :/ I'm hoping there might be some Kazakhs in this community who would be able to help.