April 3rd, 2013


boating help

I know almost nothing about boats/boating, and all of my searches have been too broad to yield usable results.  I need help creating three boats. This is set in 1995, around a fictional island south of Bermuda.

1. I need a boat (yacht?) for my viewpoint character. It has to be large enough for him to live on and take out the occasional charter, but small enough that he can plausibly manage it alone. (He has magical help, but the muggle authorities don't know that, so plausible is enough.) The boat would have been purchased in the mid eighties, and be of very high quality, but not flashy. I'm probably going to make up a manufacturer, but need something to base it on.

2. I need a second boat, roughly the same size (but I'm flexible) manufactured in the early nineties that rich young idiots would drive irresponsibly.

3. I need a boat that drug runners would use and would be large enough to hold a couple of passengers. (Google results have been too recent.)

4. Who would be patrolling that area looking for drug smugglers etc? The US Coast Guard? Navy? British Navy?

Celica, ST165, GT-Four, turbo

Question about self-defense against a sword and crossbow?

Setting/synopsis: Modern-day 'average joe' pulled into high fantasy world.

Okay, the situation is this: a modern day everyday average guy gets pulled into a high fantasy setting. His first contact with the natives doesn't go well and he is instantly set upon by a native wielding a short sword. The native isn't a skilled warrior, but has some basic training in how to use it. He's in pretty decent physical condition, and in his mid 20s. His race is more or less comparable to a human's, perhaps a little physically frail in comparison. He has a buddy some distance away armed with a crossbow(similarly trained), although hesitant to make a shot out of fear of hitting his friend.

The 'modern joe' is in his early 30s, and while he has some hunting and target shooting experience with guns, the most he's ever been involved in a fight is a couple of barroom brawls years ago. His 'training' is limited to watching a few kung-fu movies, but he's in better than average shape(active and lifts weights regularly). He's armed with a large (1/2" drive, 18" in length, about 8lb in weight) torque wrench that made it through with him.

Would the guy have a chance of making it through relatively unscathed? I've tried searching for 'self-defense against sword' but have only come up with articles regarding swordfighting techniques and some martial arts discussions on the topic, neither of which helps in this situation.