March 29th, 2013

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Finding just the right Mozart

My knowledge of classical music doesn't go much beyond "I like the one with the cannons in it." Please help me.

I need a piece by Mozart that is (a) generally regarded as pleasant and soothing, and (b) sufficiently well-known that someone with a cursory familiarity with classical music would recognize it. Triple bonus points if the melody could be recognizably whistled by a sufficiently skilled whistler.

I've Googled "mozart best known works" and the like, and done some listening on YouTube. Unfortunately, classical music is really not my cup of tea, so what most people would find soothing and pleasant does not necessarily have the same effect on me. The Clarinet Concerto is my current front-runner; does that fit the bill to those of you who know more about this stuff than I do? Is there a better piece I should be considering?

ETA: Thanks, everyone! You've given me a lot of good options; now I just have to pick one!

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Uncorrected Strabismus in an adult

I have a character that has strabismus (often called lazy eye) that was never corrected. The setting is fantasy medieval so we have situations from sword fighting to crafts, labor, riding and running. Could anyone give me some hints on how this would affect him in his day to day life? I would appreciate the input of someone who is more knowledgeable about the condition than I am.

How would it affect his ability to fight with a sword? How about shooting a slingshot, would that even be possible for him? Would strabismus affect his fine motor skills like fiddly craft type stuff or even learning to write? What about using a hammer?

I researched the condition in general but I mostly came up with information on how it is corrected. One slingshot forum gave me some hints that it would likely be very difficult to impossible without accurate depth perception. But I don't know if aiming that type of weapon could still work with monocular cues or if you truly need the binocular cues to hit a human-sized target. Anyone have experience shooting a sling shot one-eyed? My gut tells me that binocular depth perception is more important for things that are close by, like with sword fighting. Is that correct? But how well would he then do with things that are very close like sewing or whittling something?

I would appreciate all information you can give me on this. Thank you!

Sentencing Procedure

I'm writing a fic, set in the USA, where two men have been in a relationship for a number of years, more than 5 to be exact. It's an abusive relationship and the abusive partner has pleaded guilty on the following charges:

Aggravated assault and battery
Attempted murder
Rape and sexual Assault
Long term abuse of partner in relationship (Is there such a crime?)

My question is the following:

I want to know how the sentencing procedure works in general, I do know different states has different ways in doing things, and I want to know what kind of sentence can be imposed. The offender is a first offender, mid 30's, upstanding member of society (leading actor and business man).

I do know that same sex marriages are only now getting approved by different states that's why I'm only putting them in a relationship, don't know if that would make a difference.

I had a look at the following websites, blogs and general information available on the Web:

Web sites: FindLaw, Crimes against the Person as well as domestic violence.
Looked at Californian Law, Illinois, Florida, Michigan law and many other states.
Looked at Massachusetts Court system.
Was at Wiki answers - sentence for aggravated battery with a deadly weapon, as well as on sexual abuse and rape.
Expert Law - aggravated assault
Legal-Eagles - aggravated battery
2010 Federal Sentencing Guidelines regarding aggravated assault.
Utah Adult Sentencing Release Guidelines - PDF.
Looked at different felony levels.

Hope that someone would be able to help, will be much appreciated.
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Off base in a war zone - are you armed?

So our location is near an Army base during Desert Storm. Our soldier has been injured - minor injury, he's ambulatory - and so gets a few days down time. The base is very near a 'friendly' town, where the soldiers go to buy food/trinkets/just be off base for a while.

Would they go fully armed, as if going out on a mission? Or would they only carry, say, a sidearm, or nothing? Would they wear body armor?

Tried googling this, but got nothing remotely useful. (Armed on leave, etc., mostly it talked about coming back to the US or being stationed in the US.) Also checked the USA: military (misc) tag here.