March 19th, 2013

[ANSWERED] Types of Employment after Leaving a German School

ANSWERED, thanks!

Hi folks,

After getting familiar with the basic German secondary school types, I wondered what sorts of jobs someone was eligible for after graduating (ie, 'if you have a leaving certificate from a Hauptschule, you can do X', whereas a graduate from a Realschule would be qualified for Y'). I'm looking specifically at Hauptschulen and Realschulen in the mid-70s or so. Wikipedia is vague at best and the English version of Google has nothing.

Googled/Wiki'd: job examples after leaving Hauptschule/same but with 'Realschule' at the end.

Thanks for all help in advance.
Gakupo and Kaito

Chronic disease

Setting: Present time, Japan (said character is an OC from a Japanese game)
My character has an extremelly bad imunological system, a condition he apparently inherited from his mother. I wanted a chronic illness for him to have other than his poor imunological system, or maybe even an chronic condition that explained his poor imunological system, but I don't know what it could be.

I searched for a couple of things, but I was confused. I'd like something that could be treated with medicine\vitamins.  Bonus if the disease causes him to be physically tired.
Google search: poor imunological system, imunological system disease, chronic illness, chronic disease,