February 28th, 2013

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[ANON POST] Approximate number of deaths due to accident in Chicago

Setting: Present-day urban fantasy version of Chicago.

So, I've got a police detective who is looking into the apparently accidental deaths of several employees of the same workplace within about a two-week span. All of the deaths happened at 11:47 either in the morning or at night, and only one of them happened when the victim was on the job. She thinks that they might have been caused by a time-dependent spell (Magic is not officially acknowledged by the police department, but she's aware of it) and decides to look for other apparently accidental deaths that occurred or may have occurred at around those times of day in that two-week span, and see if she can find a pattern.

She'll be looking at traffic accidents, other accidents, and apparent suicides and homicides; she's assuming deaths by disease can be ruled out.
I need a rough estimate of how many reports she'd be going through- I know I've got leeway here, but I don't want to be working with entirely the wrong order of magnitude! If the murderer has been killing someone twice a day for the past two weeks, is that going to be an obvious spike once she's looking for it, or needle in haystack time? I can find general US population death statistics by cause, but I'm having trouble figuring out how to apply them properly for this purpose.