February 20th, 2013

Question about a literary hoax in Germany

I've googled this to such an extent that I think I'm going nuts. Literary hoax Germany, church, impartial manuscript, higher criticism, and various combinations thereof. Yet I've found nothing.

Now then there was in Germany in the 18th or 19th Century something of a backlash against textual criticism. During this period a German priest or scholar (not sure which) decided to create a literary hoax. He claimed that he had found in the basement of a church a partial manuscript, but that several pages were lost to fire and other misfortunes. This manuscript was an eyewitness account of a group of villagers during the 30 Years War. When he published he wrote that he had interpolated his own material where the manuscript was lost, but he was sure that the art of textual criticism had advanced to such a level that a trained eye would not be fooled.

Given how much data I have I am amazed that I couldn't find it in google. So please, name of the guy and the time?

NHL Draft Selection Party

Modern day NHL.

I've googled as much as I can about the draft, but that's mainly getting me results about the technicalities of the draft itself, or descriptions of various year's drafts/draft selection parties, but my question is a little more specific then that.

I know that everyone who wants to be drafted submits themselves as eligible, and the draft is selected from that pool. And I know how the selection works, roughly, with the "we select X from Y" and then X gets their picture taken with their new team's sweater.

So my question is this: How many of the prospects actually go to the announce? How confident would you have to be you were going to get drafted, and how high up would you be expecting to go? Does every eligible prospect go? I have a character who (for various reasons) thinks that if they do get drafted, it'd be in the lower end of the draft (the end up going higher then they expected, but that's not important) so would they still be at the event? Or is that more for top prospects?

(Any other random information about the announce party would also be appreciated, but that's the most important part.)

Gakupo and Kaito

Japanese culture and the koto

I'd like to know about what Japan thinks about koto players. As in, it seems like most koto players are female, so would a male koto player face prejudice? Be considered strange?
And I read somewhere the koto is considered something a girl from a traditional Japanese family would know how to play.

Setting: Present-time Japan. It's a Dangan Ronpa roleplay, if it helps.
Google search: male koto players, koto players male, koto traditional,