February 17th, 2013


Electricity in Rural England

Hey all. I'm tentatively plotting a story that takes place in a village in England's West Country. Precise location in the West Country doesn't really matter at this point, as I'm hoping to keep it as vague as possible, but I am trying to find out when electricity started getting introduced across the region. One of my principal characters is going to be relocating to the village, and be a great campaigner-cum-enthusiast of all things modern (well, what will be modern for that period anyway) for the introduction of electricity to it and I need to find the right approximate year. I know it was introduced in piecemeal fashion, with some places getting it much later than others, but I've nothing on the years it was happening. With it being central to one of the character's motivations its the bit of info I need to manoeuvre the rest of the story around. The first half of the 20thC had a lot of changes packed into it after all.

I'm not needing 100% accuracy owing to the deliberate vagueness of anything beyond it being 100% genuine generic rural and slightly AU anyway (folklore and folkmagic being real, not that protagonists will realise this at first, and the village and area being deliberately held in a sort of pastoral-esque magical trap). I just need broadly consistent. The rest of the story can be bent to fit once I have the right year, just I need the year first.

I've searched through the history pages of several towns within the west country, and I've also tried hitting up wikipedia, as well various variations on "history of electricity in the UK/West Country" but no joy. I'd appreciate any help please. Thanks.