February 16th, 2013

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Breakfast in Masyaf; Assassin's Creed question.

What would someone like Al Mualim - yes, the one from Assassin's Creed - eat in the morning? Would it be something like the other Assassins would eat, or would it be something else?

The Assassin's Creed Wiki wasn't much help for this, and I don't know of any search terms that would help in finding out what an esoteric sect ate for breakfast during the Third Crusade.
Sheryl Nome

Killing a horse through hard-riding

Setting: Fantasy setting
Scenario: A character, Sally, was with a party returning from a diplomatic trip when they spotted a large number of enemies heading towards one of their kingdom's outlying villages. As she has the fastest horse, Sally is sent to the main city to warn the king to send a force to deal with the attack.

The horse is in good condition, but isn't accustomed to flat out running for hours on end. When the enemy force was spotted, Sally and her companions had been on foot for several hours so the horse was fairly well rested.

What is a reasonably long time a horse in good condition with a female rider of average weight and height, wearing a mixture of leather, chainmail and fur and carrying a number of metal weapons including a sword, could run at full pelt for, if the rider is more concerned about her companions' survival than that of the horse?

What signs would tip Sally off to the fact that she's ridden her horse too fast?

Google search: "riding a horse to death" "how long can a horse run at full speed"
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Educate me my friends, for I feel as if I am woefully ignorant.

Setting : New Orleans and surrounding areas during the early twenties.

Characters & Issues : Main character is white female, young, orphaned and raised by an "uncle". Said uncle has something in his history that would label him as an outsider if it ever came to light, this combined with his sweet temper make him a little more understanding and sympathetic of race issues in the community. Not that he's marching for black rights or is one hundred percent comfortable with putting equality into practice, but he's as understanding as I think a white male in this time and in his position can be. Early on the main character is actually located by some relatives who live in a nice place uptown and goes to live with them.

The problem : Two of the characters I need to follow her into this new life are a brother and sister pair who are 1/4 white. The sister is fairly pale and can "pass" if she needs to even though her features are distinctly non-anglo, but her brother is still pretty dark. Both of these two siblings come from a tightly connected household who traces their ancestry to the free people of color living in New Orleans when it still belonged to the French. Their parents now own a business (I'm still debating as to what it is, but I'm leaning towards some sort of trade that would give them a bit of mobility about town).

The only thing is, now that she's stepping into a "better", and certainly more affluent society, under what circumstances can she still meet with her two friends that would be deemed socially acceptable? It's vital to the plot that their friendship is not cut off. What kinds of social interactions would people of different colors be able to meet and socially interact in during this time period?