February 8th, 2013


Gender-neutral Muslim name

I need a name for my female OC that is either gender-neutral, or has a male equivalent which would have the same diminuitive. She's mixed race and I was calling her Mike, short for Michaela, but then I realised her Pakistani Muslim father would probably not allow a western name.

But at some point she's got to go to an alternate universe and meet her alt self, who is male, and I don't want her - or the reader - to realise this till she meets him, so their friends need to be calling them the same name.

I went through this community's ~names tag, and also searched 'muslim baby names' and 'gender-neutral muslim baby names' and found a couple I kind of like, but I want a relatively common, normal name. I don't want to name my character the Muslim equivalent of Iodine or Continence or Grizelda.

The Effects of a Sword Wound to the Side and Dagger to the Back of the Shoulder

The setting is in Nottingham Castle, England, in 1196 during a siege. A character receives a slash to the side, just below the ribs, with a sword and has a dagger thrust into the back of his shoulder nearly simultaneously. Is it possible to survive an attack like this and if so how would the wounds be treated? What would the damage be?

I’ve googled ‘sword wounds to the side’, ‘surviving a sword wound’, ‘treatment of sword wounds in medieval times’. I’ve gone through the tags on here that I thought might provide answers but I didn’t see anything particularly specific to what I needed. Maybe I’m just bad at google-fu.

EDIT: Woops! The character in question is wearing a light leather jerkin. The sword I believe is a broad sword (not for certain but I think its right) and the blow would be a glancing as someone shoves the frontal assailant before they can get a full hit and would be directly under the ribs (the fleshy area on the side).
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Electrocardiography in the 1940s

I've wiki-ed this, and I've read what I could find regarding electrocardiography's history on:


I think the problem doesn't lie in those sites, it probably lies in me. There were some rather technical terms here, and I think I didn't understand half of it, and I wasn't able to competently visualize how the ECG works in the 1940s.

In the piece I'm currently working on, there's a scene set in the 1940s, soviet Russia. It's also an urban fantasy, so there's an alternate history  that ties in with our own version. Basically, the protagonist is a Fox-shifter, immortal, and he's being tortured at the cruel mercy of a fellow Fox. Right now, they're trying to break his will, trying to get him to co-operate, and in my mind he's hooked onto an ECG that monitors his heart rate, so that they can tell if he's lying, or if he's feeling any particularly strong emotion. So that they can use whatever he feels strongly about against him.

In my mind, the ECG works like the version we have today, with the electronic graph and the little beeps. I belatedly realized that the version back then should be different from what we have now. I've read up that there used to be the soaking of limbs into saline solution, but was it still so in the 1940s?

A huge thank you in advance for help rendered!