February 4th, 2013

uta-pri - tokiya

Tips for using a spear

My MC grew up in a modern city. He's never been in so much as a fistfight, let alone used any weapon. Now he's stuck in an alternate universe, about to face a bunch of enemies. I've given him a medium-length spear (I figured it would be lighter and easier to handle than a sword, have more range than a knife so he won't need to get all up in his opponent's face, and take less skill than a bow and arrow... feel free to correct me if I'm wrong or anyone wants to suggest another weapon), and he's had about... four days of practice with it. He has friends with him... he's human and they're quadrupeds, but they're much more skilled at fighting than he is. His boyfriend will likely have given him a few tips on how to hold and carry the spear... he doesn't use weapons himself but he has some knowledge of their use. So my question is... what pointers (no pun intended >>) might the boyfriend have given him? What tips would be useful for a city boy scared out of his mind with next to no practice at fighting with a spear?

I've googled "using a spear," "using spear in battle," "battle reenactment spear" and various other related searches, but google keeps wanting me to go spearfishing or buy replica spears for RP. >> The one thing I have found is to keep the point lowered, toward the opponent's chest, and to avoid letting it point up and aimed at their face... is that even accurate? I don't know. Halp?

Edit: M'gawd, you guys, I think this is the most comments I've ever gotten to a post here. XD You guys have given me SO much good info and a lot to think about... though I'm still no closer to figuring out my issue. XD I'm considering giving him a mace... possibly a shield, and possibly sticking him on the back of one of his friends (not their main fighter, but the younger guy who's never seen any actual battle).