January 29th, 2013

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Writing a name in Chinese Characters

Setting: Near-future science fantasy. Even though it's a constructed setting, though, I'm representing the various languages with real-world languages (kind of like how Westron is "translated" into English in Tolkien's works except I'm lazy re: conglangs so I just did it for like every language in my setting), so you can just assume we're working within the bounds of contemporary Mandarin.

There's a female character who's eventually going to appear in my comic named Song Xiping. Even though I'm writing my comic in English, though, I always like to have the characters names in their native language's scripts handy, since you never know when I might need to <a href="http://rincewindmog.deviantart.com/#/d5q49bz">stencil their names onto the side of a space suit</a> or the like.

I quickly found out by expedient of Wikipedia that her family name, Song would be written a 宋 in Chinese characters, but I'm having a harder time finding a transliteration of "Xiping". This is because of how Chinese given names work, I suppose-- there's a huge variety of possible of combinations, no standardized set of names, a given romanization of a name might be written in any number of ways. All of this makes it kind of hard to name fictional Chinese characters when you don't actually know Chinese.

The actual meaning of the name doesn't need to be anything in particular— I'm a strong believer in the idea that a character's parents wouldn't know what their future plot significance is going to be so they won't get some magic foreshadowing name-- so all I need to do is make sure that it's plausible as a woman's name.

Search Terms Searched google and Wikipedia for other people named "Xiping" in hopes of just stealing the Chinese rendering of some other Xiping out there in internet-land. Unfortunately, the only Xipings I could find who had their names written in Chinese characters alongside the romanized version were men (like this guy), so I have no idea if those names would b suitable or a woman or not. I found plenty of women named Xiping, so at least I know it's a possible female name, but I couldn't find a Chinese rendering of any of their names.

ETA Looks like this one has been sorted out! Thanks, everyone!

Hindi or Telugu expression of parental disappointment

I'm making a comic with a main character who is the American-born first son of Indian immigrants. English, Telugu, some Urdu, and some Hindi are spoken around the home.

In the scene I'm currently working on, MC is speculating on best case and worst case scenarios of seeing his parents again after a major falling-out. When he's quoting what they might say (His line is "I can expect to hear a LOT of  [__phrase here__]"), I'd like to have him use an expression with the same sort of feeling as "where oh where did we go wrong?", that sort of melodramatic parental complaint.

Is there a common expression like this that could work? 

Thanks in advance. :)

[Google searched various combos of Hindi/Telugu/Hinglish parental/family expressions of disappointment/disapproval, and looked through a BUNCH of personal blogs by kids/young adults in similar households. No luck yet.]