January 19th, 2013

Scene with a sabotaged gun

Research attempted: I did a lot of Googling for any site with write-ups on what happens when you attempt to fire a gun with an obstructed barrel, and even checked a few of the entries here with the weapons: firearms tag (I wasn't able to see them all because there are ... a lot, but I at least went a few pages back,) but every result I found pulled up things like misfire jams, squib rounds, Brandon Lee, etc. Good information in general, but (probably?) useless for my scene, in which a character attempts to fire a gun whose barrel has been obstructed (actually, downright sealed, if I can get away with it) by something that's not another bullet.

Actually, I have several questions regarding various details surrounding this entire scene as it plays out, so it might just be easier to walk people here through what I had in mind, with "is this plausible? If not, what can I do instead?" questions at every single step.

Here we go....Collapse )

As always, thank you so much for any input you can provide! This community is so cool.