January 16th, 2013

Getting kicked out of med school for attendance issues?

US, present day. No specific city or state.

So I need to get my character kicked out of medical school for attendance reasons. It seems like most schools don't have attendance requirements for lectures so I'm leaning toward him being in his third year (doing a clerkship). How would he be disciplined for his absences (a warning, immediate expulsion, etc.)? How long could he stay in the program with random absences? Is there anything during the course of a clerkship that would be especially bad to miss/that could get him kicked out more quickly?

Googled: variations on "how does medical school work" (basic, I know), "med school attendance requirements," "kicked out of med school," "kicked out of med school attendance," "med school clerkship attendance." Found some nice creative ways to get kicked out, but nothing really relating to attendance.

Sawmill workers in the early 1900's

My MC will be seeing through the eyes of another character (memories and dreams) working in a sawmill in 1914. The location is upper Michigan, and the sawmill worker is a local carpenter who needs some extra cash through the winter.

After using several search terms, I still can't seem to find what I'm looking for. I've googled Sawmills in 1900's, worker and working conditions of sawmills in the 1900's, historic sawmills of upper michigan, historic sawmills (general), early sawmill tools, early sawmills, operating sawmills in 1900's, early sawmill occupations, a day in the life of a sawmill worker, sawmill workers, and about every variation of these.

I've seen pictures of usually a small to moderate sized crew for these sawmills, and I need to know what job titles these workers held (those using the saws, or those maintaining the engines for the saws, those piling the wood for transport, etc.), what their job consisted of (daily duties), and what sort of wage would they be paid?

What equipment besides the circular saws would workers be using?

Then I would like to know what to call this character's boss. Manager? Foreman? Supervisor?

Would they wear ear protection because of the high whining of the saws? Would it be something they are supplied with or would they have to make their own? Would they have goggles or some sort of eye protection provided by their supervisor or mill owner?

And any miscellaneous info like terminology for that time would be useful. Nicknames for machines, or tools, or worker titles. What they might do during breaks or downtime.