January 7th, 2013


Two questions

Writing some fanfic & need a couple of questions answered:

First - When was JB Fletcher born (what year)? My best guess so far is that she was born around 1928 (based on her reported age when the first book was published (The Corpse Danced at Midnight). I've searched "JB Fletcher's birthdate" "Jessica Fletcher born in what year" "What year was Jessica Fletcher born" - I need JB Fletcher's birthdate, not Angela's ;>

Second - What credentials were needed to teach high school English in 1947 in Maine (assuming JB was born in 1928 ;>)? 4 year BA or a 2 year? Did it matter if you were a woman? I've searched "credentials for teaching in 1947" "Teach in 1947 in the US" "school teacher in 1947" "license for school teacher in 1947" and can't find what's needed to get hired to teach in Maine.

Humiliating Torture

Hello, I have another question for a story I'm writing, since I got a lot of help last time I asked.

I did a lot of researches about the title "above" such as (Humiliation torture, Humiliation in prisons, Humiliations in abduction, and similar things) but, unfortunately, I couldn't find what I exactly need.

I have a male character who get's abducted by a gang related to his "old enemy". He is a very single-minded man, very confident of his decisions, and a very... very control-freak, so his enemy wants to break his strong personality & self-confidence by torturing him for days before releasing him so that, after the whole abduction thing, he changes, he becomes less-confident, hesitent, and unable to call the decisions like before.

My question is: What type of torture that should be a mix of "physical & mental" that can have such effect on my character. I need it to be both because "his enemy wants to take his revenge from his body as long as his mind".
P.S. I don't want it to be a sexual abuse, for many reasons, the most important one of them is that doesn't fit my storyline.

I appreciate any help you can offer. Thank you