December 17th, 2012

[ANSWERED] Convenience Places in West Germany

ANSWERED. Thank you!

Hi all,

Forgot to cover one more the last time I was on the subject. I've been looking into places that would be sort of like US convenience stores in the former West Germany (Hesse, more specifically) circa 1960 through 1970. I'm aware that there are some (probably not many compared to the US) convenience stores these days, and some gas stations will have small stores where you can pay more later at night for small things you need.

My questions are: Around what time did these small convenience stores in and around gas stations first start being built? I also received this link from someone: that says in Frankfurt am Main, they would have 'water houses' for the miners way back when, but Google translate doesn't do a good job with translating anything.

So, if anyone can give me more information about these 'water houses' and when the gas station convenience stores first started cropping up, I'd really appreciate it!

Googled: 'German gas station convenience stores 1960' same but with '1970' at the end, German and English Wikipedia with 'gas station' and 'Trinkhalle' for the German Wiki.