December 8th, 2012

Touristic Itinerary for Westerners in Dresden and E.Berlin in 1986

Hello all,

I'm hoping someone from ex-East Germany (or even better who traveled there as tourist) can help me with my very particular questions.

The period is end of Jan 1986 (sorry, this can't be changed). My character (an Am diplomat, if this is of any importance) buys a bus tour from Frankfurt via Czechoslovakia to E.Germany and back. The travel itinerary is Frankfurt -- Neckargemünd / Rothenburg ob der Tauber / Regensburg -- Prague (overnight) -- Dresden (2 days) -- E.Berlin (2 days) -- Frankfurt. (Feel free to recommend changes if you think it doesn't make a lot of sense.)

My questions are:

1. what kind of performances (opera, ballet, concert type) Western tourists would typically be shown in Dresden and where/which theater (I've learned that Semperoper reopened on Feb 13, 1986, so it doesn't work for me, sorry!)

2. Given that a lot of now restored sites in Dresden were in ruins back in 1986 (Frauenkirche, and other similar sites), were westerners taken to visit/see the ruins and typically which ones?

3. what hotel western tourists would normally be placed in Dresden back in mid-80s? If you know an address or approximate location, it would be most helpful!! (Again, I've found out that Bellevue Dresden opened on Feb 13, which doesn't work for my purpose).

I've googled combinations of 'Dresden theater/opera/ballet performance Jan 1986/1985', 'tourist attractions/itinerary in Dresden winter 1986',

Many thanks for your help!!

diagnosis of a brain tumour

ANSWERED. Thank you all so much for your help!

I've got a character (24 years old, American, Caucasian, male) with an undiagnosed (so far in the story) brain tumour, which causes him to have seizures and hallucinate. He collapses in the middle of Camden Market whilst on vacation in London, and is taken to hospital, where he's  primarily diagnosed with a concussion from hitting his head when he fell, and is in the A&E when he has another hallucination during a seizure.

My questions iare:
1. Which hospital in London would he be most likely to be taken to given the location of his collapse? (I'm assuming somewhere like the Royal Hampstead Free Hospital, which is the closest NHS hospital with an A&E department according to Google Maps.)
2. Would the medical staff conduct a CT scan or an MRI straight away, to determine the severity of the concussion, and therefore "stumble across" the tumour, or would it be more likely that they'd keep him in for observation and, upon him having another seizure which caused him to hallucinate, conduct the scans later to find out the reason for him seeing things that weren't there?
3. Would he be transferred to a hospital in his home state of New Jersey after being diagnosed, or would the British medical system treat him?

I hope I've not been too long-winded and roundaboutish in asking this! Any help would be greatly appreciated.