December 7th, 2012

Injury needed: leg/hip or pelvic injury

Here's the deal: I need an injury that would a) be difficult to manage b) take a long time to heal c) leave the patient with a permanent limp and a need for a walking stick.
The other requirement is that it'd be an injury resulting from the character being picked up and bodily thrown against the ground, possibly hitting a curb, so a dislocated knee is out of the question -- unless it isn't?  My original idea was a pelvic fracture, but those don't seem to result in a permanent limp.
Third, I need to know how such an injury would be handled in the 1920s. Surgery? Bed rest? Cast? How long would recovery take? By recovery, I don't mean full recovery but end of bed rest or the cast being taken off or whichever.
I've googled around (hip injury, pelvic injury, causes of limping, historical treatment of fractures) and poked about in the injuries to order tag, but I haven't found much info on historical treatments of such fractures, only about causes and outcomes.

Thanks in advance!