November 23rd, 2012


Greeting in 13th Century German

My character is a modern man with a background in languages, particularly German, who has found himself in 13th century Poland. He's been there for several months and has now travelled into "Pagan" Prussia. He has just met a stranger. He doesn't speak any of the potential local dialects but has been getting by using his memories of medieval German as a starting point, and then learning the speech of the German incomers into northern Poland from that basis.

What might he try as a greeting to the stranger?

Mostly I've been summarising or `translating' conversation, but it would be nice to give the actual words here.

Googled: Medieval German Hello and Medieval German Greeting but the sites found are either dealing with old English forms, medieval German culture at a more general level, or fail to inspire confidence.

Returning to society after imprisonment

Setting is non-real-world, but sort of resembles a normal city. Sort of. A character was held captive for a long period of time and subjected to psychological abuse and gaslighting, among other things.

It's my understanding that after something like that, the character would have trouble readjusting to normal life. I was able to find basic descriptions of what kind of difficulties the character would have (although more information would still be welcome). However, I couldn't find any information about what the best response is. The character has a best friend who, long story short, spent a couple of years as an unwilling guinea pig and so would probably know what to do from personal experience. If the best friend were to do the best thing possible, what would that best thing be? Is there anything that can be done to help or would it be better to leave him alone?

I Googled the following terms, all without quotes:
Institutional syndrome
Post Incarceration Syndrome
PICS treatment
Post-Incarceration Syndrome treatment (I also looked at the scholarly articles Google suggested for this one)
Dr. Ewen Cameron
Psych survivor

Additionally, I thought remembered seeing some relevant writing from Amanda Baggs, so I looked through the relevant tags (abuse, abuse of power, institutions, communication, power) on her blog, but didn't find it, so I looked through her posts on WrongPlanet. I did find the post (and several other threads that were somewhat helpful), but it turned out not to actually answer my question.