November 21st, 2012

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[ANON POST] Morisco culture in the 16th-17th centuries

Hi! I really need info on Morisco culture in sixteenth-century and seventeenth-century Spain, seventeenth-century Morocco and the seventeenth-century Republic of Salé

Settings: Morocco and/or Republic of Salé from 1631 to 1653; sugar plantation in 1650s Brazil; India and England ten to twenty years later.

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[ANON POST] Non-country specific adoption procedure

This is set in a country that doesn't exist in our world, so I'm interested in what would happen in pretty much any country. I've been able to find quite a bit of information about what in general happens when someone adopts a kid from foster care, but I'm still not sure what would happen in this specific situation.

My character, E, is seventeen when this all starts. She's very fond of her best friend's little sister, S, who's four. S hero-worships E. They're basically sisters in all but biology. When S's family are murdered, she ends up in foster care. E visits her almost every day. S is miserable in foster care, and her foster parents aren't particularly well equipped to raise a four-year-old who saw her family murdered, so E decides to adopt S once she turns eighteen. E can support S, and she's been accepted to a top university and into an officer-training program (which does allow people with kids) for the military. (I'm not sure if that would count for her or against her. On one hand, the government's already decided she's trustworthy; one the other hand, she might have to be separated from S for long periods.) E's the oldest of six, so she has experience with kids. S wants to live with E.

What would be the process for E to adopt S? Would she even be allowed to? I know there would be a home study, and E would have to take parenting classes, but I'm not sure what else would happen. I know that usually the potential adoptive parents' first meetings with the kid are supervised, but would E's have to be, given that she was a big part of S's life before her family was murdered?

gunshot to side recovery time

I've checked tags and searched for "bullet wound recovery time" "gunshot recovery" etc, and I found a lot of accounts, but not exactly what I need. ETA: And also checked the whumper's guide.

I have a character who's suffered a gunshot wound to the side and reasonably serious blood loss. It's a little bit vague, so I can fiddle it to work. But, what I need is for him--after some time--to be functional (able to walk around and do relatively light tasks) but still have the injury and/or blood loss after effects give him enough trouble that he can't do strenuous activities like running or fighting.

I basically need him to be 'helpless' enough that he can't get away from a group he would otherwise leave, but at the same time still be able to be somewhat useful.

My question is, how long can I use pain and fatigue as a way to limit my character's abilities? Or is it a case of once you're up, recovery is quick?

If wound severity requiring surgery is necessary for this, I can do that, but afterwards it's a bit of an on-the-run situation, so care isn't great.

Can I use complications to buy myself time? For how long could they be a risk? I'm thinking infection, maybe re-injury from over straining? I don't want it to be super serious, though. Just to basically function as a hobble.