November 20th, 2012

seeking translation to Chinese

When: current day

Where: real life

In (American?) English "lap-dog" used literally means a canine of such small size and placid demeanor it will happily stay in your lap for expended periods.

Applied to a person, it is a perjorative meaning someone so ineffectual or submissive they are easily controlled to their own detriment. (Usually by a single person.)

I am looking for a colloquial expression or well-known literary reference in Chinese that carries the same meaning. Preserving an animal reference would be even better.


a little help

Everyday eating for a young British Asian family

My main character is an eleven-year-old boy living in modern-day England; his parents are second generation Brits of Punjabi Hindu family background. I'm just trying to get a rough idea of what sort of thing they might eat at home, in terms of family meals, what kind of snacks they'd have in the house, what he might be given in his packed lunches for school, etc. (I'd like to try and find a happy middle ground between going OTT on the traditional cooking vs. making them seem overly assimilated.)

I tried Googling variations on "British Asian/Hindu/Punjabi home cooking" and similar, but that seems to mostly bring up either recipes for restaurant style Indian food or results relevant to India rather than the UK.

Any help with this, or other tips/sources that might be useful when it comes to portraying everyday home life, greatly appreciated!
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Fatal Illness in Brain Damaged Man

Basically, I have a character (we'll call him J) who was severely beaten up at work as a police man, and suffered brain damage. After his rehabilitation, he moved in with his boss (who sees him as a son anyway) and the said boss looks after him. The brain damage left him with post traumatic epilepsy, a sort of cerebellar tremor in his right hand and leg, Broca's Apahsia, and he gets easily tired, as well as becoming a bit more child like. This all happens when he is 35/36 years old. He lives happily with his boss for a good few years, and apart from the aforementioned problems, he stays pretty healthy.

But now I need to find a way for him to die. Initially, I had him suffering from 'Status Epilepticus' (Continuous seizures). However, the death was too quick, and all places that said that sufferers could die within 30 days, didn't explain hat caused death.  But ideally, I want it to be something where he'd present with acute symptoms (pain being one of them), and then be in hospital for a few days before he dies. I'd also like him to be conscious and alert (as much as the brain damage allows), although I'm planning that he won't fully understand what's going on/that he's dying since he'll keep asking to go home.

Age can be a factor I guess, but I don't really want him to get much older than 45-50. This is all set nowadays in England and he'd have someone with him when the initial symptoms occurred 

Its also preferable that his boss and his friends know that he's going to die, even though he himself might not understand.

I've searched for things like Pancreatitis as well as status epilepticus, renal failure and multiple organ failure.

Thanks in advance :)