November 18th, 2012

ASJ: Stand and Deliver!

1800's Steam Locomotive Identification

I need to know how a couple of outlaws would have identified a specific train. I've been told they'd likely know the locomotive, but I have no idea if they'd know the number -- and how? -- or if locomotives actually had nicknames or something. This would have been the Union Pacific line, in Southern Wyoming, around 1875. If it helps, it's a special Army payroll train.

I have searched Google using all variations of "Steam Locomotive Identification," "1800's Steam Locomotive," "Union Pacific Locomotive 1800's," and with substituting the terms "Old West" or "19th Century" for "1800's." I have also asked on a couple of online forums with no reply thus far, and researched in the library using books such as The History of Western Railroads and The Golden Age of American Rail Travel. I've come up with some great photos and maps of the rail routes, but nothing useful about the locomotives.