November 17th, 2012

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Murder Investigation/Probable Cause

I searched using words like "Probable Cause", "Murder", "Maine", "How much probable cause", "How much evidence do you need to arrest someone for murder", "Murder investigations", several combinations of those phrases, etc., but couldn't find anything concrete on this.

I'm not even going to bother hiding the names on this one, because it might actually help if I give context. It's a Silent Hill: Downpour-related fanfiction, it takes place in Maine (fictional county) and in 2011.

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UK Doctors restrictions on taking medications? : ANSWERED

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Thanks! I appreciate the confirmation. The rest of the medical treatment in the scene was appropriate, but there was one bit of dialogue that struck me as off. Since I don't live in the UK and couldn't ring my local surgery or hospital to ask them, this place was my next, best bet.

Search terms I've tried: uk best practice guide. urban myths uk doctors and medication, prohibitions against practicing.