November 14th, 2012

Ose Hallel

Faith, religion, and godly incarnations

Setting: Early 19th century fantasy world with magic and a pantheistic faith

In my world - as in the real world - there are accounts of the gods walking alongside mortal men. They tutored mankind, fought with mankind, and bred demigods with mankind. This is accepted as an actual part of factual history as well as religious history. The world has entered into an enlightened age. As time went on, the gods grew more and more distant until they stopped appearing all together. So. I have a few questions.

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can goats wear shoes?

I have a bit of a quandary here: in the world I'm writing, you can bind the magic of a pegasus by putting iron horseshoes on it. Logically this should work on other equine-type creatures, but I want to give my unicorns cloven hooves. Is it possible to make shoes of some kind for cloven hooves, or should I come up with some other device/make the unicorns have horse-like hooves?

My google searching has turned up a lot of odd-looking shoes for humans, a couple of vague references to goatshoes and a culture that wrapped their goats' hooves in something to protect them, and lots and lots of instructions on how to trim a goat's hoof, but nothing really solid.

Terms searched: "shoe a goat", "shod goat", "shoes for goats", "goatshoes"/"goat shoes", "can you put shoes on a goat", "can you shoe a goat", "protect a goat's hoof", "shoes on cloven hoof"/"shoes on cloven hooves", "cloven hooves shoes", etc etc etc

EDIT: Wow, I didn't expect so much of a response! Thank you everyone for your input, I think I can work this out now! (And for those who asked, I didn't want to use the "traditional" magical-bridle method for various story reasons, so that's why I was going with this.)