November 13th, 2012


Teenager finding out she's pregnant in 1966

Setting: Baltimore, Maryland, US, 1966.

Scenario/Question: I have a pregnant teenager (17 years old) who slept with her boyfriend once, and I don't know how she would find out that she was pregnant. It doesn't look like there were any kind of home pregnancy tests until the 1970s. Right now I have it set up that she goes to Planned Parenthood and has a pregnancy test done there, but I don't really know what her appointment would be like. Would she have to wait for her test results, or would she get them right away? Would the fact that she's a minor change what PP is legally allowed to do without a parent involved? I'm also concerned that she might not know enough about the signs of pregnancy to know to get a pregnancy test rather than just going to her regular doctor because she thinks she's sick.

What I've tried: variations on "pregnant teenager 1960s," "history of pregnancy testing," "sex ed 1960s," and "signs of pregnancy." I've also tried reading about the hemagglutination inhibition test that was developed in 1960, but most of what I've been finding covers the more technical aspects rather than how it was really used. I've also looked at the history of Planned Parenthood, but they don't really have the specifics I need for this.

Thanks in advance.
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Education in the 1930s, USA

Finding out any details about this is impossible. I've googled variations of the title of this post, and the most useful thing I've come up with was a blog, which wasn't particularly relevant. 

Ideally I'm looking for an idea of what high school kids in NYC were taught at that time, subject-wise. Failing that, I'll settle for some really obvious things that we get taught nowadays that they didn't. At the mo my brain can't see past computers, DNA and the atom bomb.

Thank you very much!