November 11th, 2012

How much strenght is needed to rip someones head off...

Based on Google searching it does not seem like a human has enough strength rip a humans head from their body. I was wondering how much force is needed? Is it twice what a person can do, a hundred times? My goal is to find out if it is possible that a natural animal could pull it off (no pun intended) or does it require so much strength that it leaves the realm of possible for anything remotely close to a humans physical size.

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An American temporarily working in the UK; how do I legally get his American lover there, too?

Hi all! :) I'm new here; thanks so much for having me!

All right, I wrote a book about two American men who meet, fall in love, etc etc. Long story short, at the end of said book one of the characters, an actor named Chip, lands a leading role in a musical opening soon in London. The director, Christopher, is British.

Chip asks his boyfriend, Drew, to come live with him in London aaannndd this is where I get lost and broken. If Chip's planning to stay in London for at least a year performing in this musical, would he need a work visa? And in order to live legally with him for the duration, would Drew need one, too? Drew is a writer and isn't planning to work in London.

I've read a couple Wikipedia articles about obtaining visas and all the different types, and I've Googled it. This website was helpful, but I'm still not sure, exactly, what to do, and if Chip's work would be considered temporary or permanent.

Oh, and if it matters, Drew's from Ohio and Chip's from Virginia. They met in California. I'm planning on marrying them in America in the book's sequel. Both have legal passports.

Thanks for any help you guys can offer!
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Naming conventions in Japan (modern and Kamakura eras)

I am in the planning stages of a novel where the main character is a Canadian female living in Japan and married to a Japanese local, who's father was an American soldier stationed in Japan. I was told that Japanese couples have to choose one of the spouses' last name for the two of them, meaning that it does not necessarily have to be the husband's last name, correct? My female protagonist has chosen to take her husband's name for various reasons, but I wonder whether he would be more likely to have the surname of his Japanese mother or his American father.

I also have another story set during the late Kamakura shogunate, and I have had tremendous difficulty in finding any information about first names for non-samurai classes (my characters belong to artisan families). Would all social classes have the same kind of names or would there be restrictions for those who do not belong to the elite? I would also like to know about outcastes and whether someone forced to join an outcaste community (after being punished for committing a crime) would have to change his name for some reason. I've googled things like naming conventions and personal names in old Japan, and adding artisan class or outcastes, but the best I've gotten was very samurai-centric.

And just throwing this out there in case anyone can think of something: does anyone know of a Japanese mythological creature that can travel to the past or control time in some way (or an object or magic that could grant this ability)? I've read that some very old kitsune were thought to be able to bend time and/or space, but that's about it.

Thanks a lot in advance! Any bit of information would be very, very helpful.
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Hiking spots with 'ghosts' in the vincinity of Tokyo

In my current story, the protagonist gets involved in a 'haunting' in the mountains, so I'm looking for information about hiking areas in Japan which have a rich lore about ghosts and other myths. The places should be within a day's travel reach from Tokyo, accessible via roads, but still a bit hidden and not overflown with visitors.

I'd also appreciate information about superstitions connected to these areas and if there are special products the people living in these areas produce and/or sell to visitors and tourists.

Edit: Please no more mentions of Aokigahara! I've looked it up, but it doesn't fit what I'm looking for at all. My characters would never visit such a place. The area should have a reputation, yeah, but rather being known for having lots of classical stories and myths about ghosts, yokai and others connected to it.