November 5th, 2012

Looking for barbershop quartet program

This is a program my Mom is looking for. She originally saw it on WGBH, the big PBS station in Boston. It's full of barbershop quartet music; it may be footage from a barbershop competition. She used to have a purchased recording of the program (I don't know if it was VHS or DVD; it was in the right time frame to have been either) but now it can't be located. Can anyone identify this program?

The equivalent of Gift cards in the 90s.

Setting: The week before Halloween, 1994, Houston, Texas.

My MC and her three friends are in a costume contest in their middle school as a group. Spoiler: They win. I was going to give them gift cards as the prize but Wikipedia says gift cards weren't a thing until 1995 or 1996 proper. Would gift certificates work? Or would the school just give them cash? I had leaned towards gift cards because then they could get something to a bookstore, what with being an educational prize and all.



Search: gift cards in 1994, "Gift card equivalent" "Gift certificate"

ETA: Thanks! It looks like gift certificates to the book store are the way to go.
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