October 28th, 2012

Qualifications to be a medical examiner in San Francisco? Also how a medical examiner is ranked?

Setting: San Francisco, California. Current times.

Story: My character is 28 years old and I want her to be an assistant medical examiner. The problem I have right now is finding what qualifications she would need to have in order to be one since apparently that differs depending on what jurisdiction you are in. I'm also flummoxed at how to figure out the rankings of positions in a lab where she may work. While this is not the focal point to the story, I do want to show how her dynamics with co-workers will be.

Research I've done so far: I've searched medical examiner, medical examiner San Francisco, medical examiner California  only to turn up with too ambiguous results.

Losing leg in torpedo chute, WW2 submarine

There is this character, a vampire, who is thrown off a submarine (German U-Boot during WW2). This happens via a torpedo chute. Once he is in the water, he has lost one or both of his legs.

My question now is how he did it? Did the door of the torpedo chute close too fast or not fast enough and grabbed his legs while he was catapulted out? Could this actually rip off someone's leg?

Or would it be better if he arrived in the water in one piece and then managed to get himself into the u-boat's water propeller?

I searched several pages about submarines (both in English and German language), and frankly I have no idea where else to look or what to put into google.

Thanks in advance.

[ANON POST] Tracking of a car GPS

My fic is set at the present time, in New York city to be exact.

So I thought the police could really track you through the GPS on your car, but looking around I found this page (http://wiki.answers.com/Q/Can_the_police_really_track_you_if_you_own_a_GPS_navigation_device) saying it can't be done. Since this was the only page I could find that actually talked about this, (most of the articles or news reports I found talked about the police installing a tracking device in your car and whether it could be done freely (without a warrant or court order)) I'm not sure if what it says on this page is true or not. I would appreciate if someone could clarify this for me.

And If it can be done, my original question is if a detective can track a car GPS and access to information of the last places the person has visited without a warrant or court order, knowing only the car's plate number. And if all of this is possible, if he can do it with a car out of the state, Baltimore in this case.

My search terms were: can the police track you GPS?, police GPS tracking, tracking a car GPS, and the like, but as I said before, most talked about the police installing a tracking device in your car, not what i was really looking for.

Thanks in advance!

[ANON POST] Penalty for stealing a police officer's gun

What's the penalty for stealing a police officer's gun in modern day first world countries where civilians are allowed to own guns? What sort of trouble would the police officer would be in if the only reason the thief could steal the gun was the officer's carelessness?

I've Googled stuff like "penalty for stealing police officer's gun" and gotten nothing. The country this is set in doesn't exist in real life, so I'm just interested in the range of possibilities in the real world.