October 24th, 2012

  • keerawa

French slang for police officers

As I understand it, 'poulet' (chicken, hen) is slang for police in French.

I'm wondering ...
A) How offensive is this term? Would it ever be used to an officer's face, or by police officers themselves?
B) Is this region-specific?
C) If someone were referring affectionately to a group of female police officers, would 'les poulets' or 'les poulettes' be a term they might use? If neither makes sense, could you suggest an alternative? Informal or slang is preferable for the context I'm writing.

I've used Google, but the results I'm pulling up with 'French slang police' 'slang poulet' and 'French slang poulet' are too general to help me, and using the actual phrases "les poulets" and "les poulettes" pulls up pages entirely IN French. I am tragically monolingual, but I think there is a band or performance group by the name of "les poulettes" which is clogging up the search results.

Thank you!