October 22nd, 2012

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[ANON POST] Questions about tasers

[I am so sorry, anons! Life smacked me pretty hard the past couple of weeks, and so I got lax about posting these in a timely fashion. Onto the questions.]

I have two questions about tasers:

- How long can a person be tasered for?

I understand that each cartridge is a one-time use thing, but if you keep your finger pressed down on the trigger, how long can the taser charge last? Will the feeling of pain continue as long as the electrical pulses keep coming?

- Do you convulse while tasered?

The reported effect is that muscles go rigid, but I've seen some videos in which the person being tasered convulses wildly. In these cases, I'm not sure if it's a reaction after the taser is no longer being applied, hence the question.

Previous research:
- watched videos of people being tasered on Youtube
- read through some pages on the Taser International and other resellers' websites
- search terms: effects of tasers, how long can you be tasered, convulsions taser, and many variants of these.

(Setting: modern-day society)

Thank you in advance for your help!
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[ANON POST] Orthodox names in the US

Would Modern Orthodox parents living in the US in the early seventies be most likely to give their daughter the legal name Eve, Hava, or Chava for her first name? They're fairly middle-of-the road by MO standards: more liberal than average in some things, more conservative in others.

I've looked at the names of famous MO Americans and couldn't figure it out, and I asked some of the Jewish people I know, but all of them are both very liberal and young enough that they mostly weren't alive in the early seventies, or at least not old enough to remember anything, so they weren't sure.
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[ANON POST] Philadephia main line

Question about the Philadelphia suburbs known as the Main Line:

I'd like to set a story on the Philadelphia Main Line, but I'm not sure which community (Wayne, Berwyn, Bryn Mawr, etc.) would be the best mix of the old money/living in mansions class and regular folk. There needs to be a coed high school/prep school (or boys and girls schools close together) where some lower-class or lower-middle-class kids could hang out with the rich kids. Maybe by getting scholarships/sponsorships to the expensive schools or by having local places/pastimes where they would hang out together.

If anyone is from the area or knows the area and could recommend which town to focus on, I'd appreciate it.