September 9th, 2012


Copador Ceramics (pottery) (Classic and Epiclassic in Central America)

Again with a weird question due to classes...

Now, I need info on the Copador Pottery of Honduras and El Salvador (Classic and Epiclassic Period 600-800 B.C.).  

I've googled "Copador ceramic", "Copador pottery", "Copador ceramic characteristics", and also in Spanish.  The results?  Got until page 20 on google (also in with a lot of sales, but nothing that tells about the characteristics of this kind of ceramics.

Haven't tried Jstor, but found out that I can use it (some parts) at my University, but have  no idea what terms to use =S

I've even tempted to try my luck on French info if there's something.  But I believe I'm doing something weird for not finding anything about this pottery type =S  (apart from this  That I'm writing an e-mail right now XDD).

Thanks for your help!!

And I need to stop wanting to study things not easily found on the web (and less in my stupid library...  why have programs and not have the required consult material?)