September 8th, 2012

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Handedness in clones

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The source material I'm working with has two characters, whom I'll call A and B. B is a clone of A, but whereas A is right-handed, B is left-handed. The source material mostly uses this as visual shorthand to show that B and some other characters are clones (and in one case, a robot version) of A and his friends, but because I'm curious as to whether the change in dominant hands would be possible (and because I'm not entirely comfortable with the implications) I started looking into the matter.

I've read that about 20% of monozygotic twins are born with different dominant hands, but that seems to do with conditions in utero, so I'm not sure how relevant that is. A friend of mine remembered about rats who were clones of the same individual, but had different dominant paws. Unfortunately, I can't seem to find and info on that. 

So basically, my question is whether it's possible for clones to have a different dominant hand than the individual they were originally cloned from, and if it's possible, how plausible that would be. Also, are there any factors that would affect handedness in this case? (For the record, A and friends would have little reason to manipulate the handedness of their cloned versions.) 

Large Four-Person Yacht

My four characters are going to be sailing a yacht from the Northern coast of France all the way round France and Spain, through the Gibraltar Straits and across the Med to Turkey.
What I really need to know is, what is the biggest yacht the four of them could plausibly sail? And how long, roughly, would this take?

Relevant Info;
The setting is present day
All four are very experienced sailors and have sailed trips like this before (two have circumnavigated the world together)
All four are men, fit and healthy and in their twenties
They're going to be sailing in the middle of summer
They're not pressed for time, so they'll be going at a lesiurely pace
They're also going to stop in at Greece and pick up a fifth passenger, another experienced sailor

I've used search terms such as 'large four person yacht' and 'luxury yachts' and tried searching for information relating to that route.

Thanks for your help! :D