September 4th, 2012

Apartments in London


I'm right now writing on a story set in London, and I'd be really greatful to get some help with finding a proper street where my character lives. I have a mental pictures of how the apartmentbuilding looks from a few british tv-shows I've seen in my life, but most of these shows have not been set in London. 

But I'm wondering if anyone knows an addres in London where apartmentbuildings similiar to this can be found:

Cut for picturesCollapse )

I've tried searching with google maps and through property sale-sites but London is a big city so it's hard to find :P I'd love if the address where in East London, prefferably around Whitechapel. If apartment like that doesn't exist in central London I'll change my story or make something up xD But I'd love it to be placed in a building that exists for real :)

Thanks for all the help! <3