September 1st, 2012

[ANON POST] Eye Injuries Requiring Glasses?

Setting: Low magic Al-Andalus-style fantasy world (approximately Spain around 1200 AD)

Research: Tags here, Wikipedia ("eye injuries", "glasses" - good overview, but nothing really useable) Google ("eye injuries", "eye injuries requiring glasses" - a lot of info on eye safety while wearing glasses).

Question: In short, I need a reason for a character to wear corrective glasses. He is human(oid), but I'd rather avoid congenital causes like near/farsightedness, degeneration or diseases, since they don't occur in his people. Cosmetic reasons are right out as acquired imperfections carry a rather large social stigma in the society he moves in, so even pretending to have them as a fashion statement would be frowned upon.

For plot reasons I'd like an injury or accident that would have him needing glasses (preferably for both eyes), and, since he'll have to explain his problem time and again, an explanation that makes more sense than just a magical mishap.


[ANSWERED] English Idioms Confusing for Native Germans

Hey folks,

One last obstacle between me and writing, so we'll see if I can get the matter cleared up.

Answered, but under cut for the curious.Collapse )

Edit: I had questions about German funerals. When did embalming begin to be handled by state funeral homes? Would someone who died in the 80s have their embalming handled by the state or a funeral home? Is it possible to have a funeral completely at a funeral home, or are church funerals more common?

Naming Police Cold Cases

I'm currently revising a short story I have recently written and need some help on this nagging point.

Setting: Stirling, Scotland 2011

Background Info: The story is a paranormal horror. A case involving a brutal double murder/possible triple murder commited has recently been reopened after 2 years. No trial ever took place as the 'murderer' was apparently killed at the scene yet an autopsy put his time of death at several hours before this and it was for this reason that the case was abandoned as no solid evidence could be found to explain this. The case was investigated by the Central Scotland Police Force

The Question: What name would a cold case be given? Would it be referred to by a set of initials or numbers? Would it have an actual name or just be known by the names of the victims?

Research: I have googled the following terms: "naming police investigations', 'naming police cases', 'names for unsolved police investigations', 'names used for unsolved police investigations in scotland', 'cold case investigations scotland', 'central scotland police force' and 'cold case referral numbers' . In particular I have looked at the Wikipedia page for Case Citation, the Central Scotland Police Force website and the Cold Case Information Guide on website thought none of these offered much help.
Any ideas/suggestions?