August 31st, 2012

Burn Scarring, Aftermath, and a Minor Clothing Question

All right. I searched through the medicine: burns and smoke inhilations, but I need some more help.

I have three characters, in three different worlds that are all set in various 'time periods', that all have burn injuries.

One also has shrapnel injury, but that is the straight 'Modernish Day' one.

The 'clothing' tag has to do with a side-bar question about what would be used in a Fantasy MishMash story for boot laces, due to the fact my friend may have lied to me (not surprising; why are they my friend again?).

My brain can't do one thing at once because it is my brain, and, warning, I do make 'refrences' to pop culture characters because when I do a visualization, I can go 'on a scale of X, am I at Character A level or Character B level' instead of 'on a scale of one to ten, how bad is this about to be?'

Scenario One (Fantasy-Modernish Day; circa 2000 when the story starts)Collapse )

Scenario Two (Fantasy/Mystic World That Has No Date and is a Mish-Mash of Various Time Periods throughout the world)Collapse )

Scenario Three (Modernish Day; set before DADT repeal)Collapse )


I put it under cuts due to length.

I greatly appreciate your help.

If I worded anything wrong, I will gladly edit for better clarity.

I mainly used Google to find sites, because my access to medical journals is non-existant.

A few sites I found, that didn't really help (a blog of someone recoving from burns would be helpful), but one was Discovery Health, which was aid in how to keep burns from scarring, but wasn't what I needed. I also did a search for skin grafts and got a basic outline of what they were used for.

I also found a site about a 'derma roller'...which didn't help and made me even more confused.

I also found which involved burn scars, but it was blurb info that I already knew, along with how to cover them up and how to prevent the scarring or make it less visable.

Most of the sites I found had to do with preventing burn scars or how to make them fade, which didn't help.

I also mostly got info on burn scars that had a liquid base in gasoline or alcohol, which also isn't helpful (unless I shift the second scenario to having the boot splashed in alochol).

Weapon Choice for my character?


I'm in the middle of writing a book, a sci-fi/fantasy meets film noir kinda style. My main problem right now is I'm trying to figure out which weapons my main guy needs. To give you some background on him, he's about 6' 3'', heavy in the chest and shoulders, very fit. Pragmatic in the extreme, he carries a wide assortment of blades, handguns and other nasty tricks. Also, due to some applied phlebotinium (figuring out the exact origin story now) he's supernaturally strong and fast, as well as some other gifts. When it comes to the weapons I want to keep it grounded in physics for the most part, so no switchblades decapitating people. The book is set in modern times, but due to the nature of his enemies he needs blades to kill a lot of them, guns sometimes just don't work.

Now, the main thing is this: I was planning on having a Hand-and-a-half sword as his "big" weapon, not to be carried every day in a city, but when there's real bloodshed planned. Problem is this may not be practical, it's hell to carry even across the back. Weight isn't an issue, he's strong enough to wield it one-handed, he can use it to fence if necessary. What do you guys think?

Second: As his "everyday" primary weapon, I was going to have him use an arming dagger, carried across the back of the hips and waist. Easily hidden by his coat (a leather duster), long enough to impale the heart (necessary for some enemies). He needs the heavier blade than most modern knives to decapitate some enemies. Thoughts? Could I have a better choice, needs to be concealable yet heavy-ish.

Other weapons: Standard stuff he hides in his coat/jeans/boots - arming dagger, stiletto switchblade, straight razor, couple of custom throwing knives, navaja sevillana, Boker A-F combat knife, Gerber Covert FAST, Sgian Dubh in one boot, some kind of semi-auto with 2 spare mags (usually a Browning hi-power or a SIG P226 Mk. 25)

"full rig" weapons, i.e.the rig he uses whenever serious violence is going down - 6 custom throwers, 4 discs (think selenes throwing weapons in Underworld), the knives mentioned above, a VERY high-powered custom handgun (im thinking of making it magical in some way), Heckler & Koch MP5/Heckler & Koch 416, hand and a half sword, maybe a couple of Kukris.

He and his team have a frankly astonishing armoury, but these are the go-to things. we're not even touching the rifles, shotguns and selection of handguns he CAN draw on

I'm sorry for the rather long and garbled post, I'm sure I've done a terrible job of explaining. Any input is welcome, feel free to ask questions. Thank you very much in advance.

OK, Side question: I'm possibly going to revise the dagger to a second Boker A-F. Thing is, do you reckon you could decapitate someone with one? I mean its thinner and lighter than the dagger but his strength should compensate. I figured on needing at least 7.5 inches to take off a head, and the Boker is 6. I've run out of Ballistics Gel torsos to practice, so its harder. I could have it being a custom version, but that's usually a cop-out used to handwave inaccuracies.

Any advice appreciated.
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Blood as dye?

This is the creepiest thing I have ever researched. Can you dye cloth using blood? Will it work? Or would it go all tacky and smelly? (It's not human blood, in the story, if that's any better). What color would it be?

So far I've googled "dyeing cloth with blood" and "old dried bloodstains" and I've gotten a lot of cleaning tips and some articles about disasters at dye factories. I also googled "animal blood dye" and got tips on dyeing bone beads. Any ideas on google phrases?

As ever, thank you for your input!