August 26th, 2012


[ANSWERED] Driving route from Lyme, Connecticut to Brooklyn, NY

My story is a present-day supernatural thriller.

Two of my characters drive from Lyme, Connecticut to Brooklyn New York at night, in a regular car.

I found a driving trip planner that shows a route:

But it doesn't tell me - or I can't figure out - what the main roads, bridges and/or landmarks would comprise the metropolitan NY part of the route. 

Is there anyone who could give me a bit more information, or direct me to where I could find out more? I want to know mostly what road they'd be on when they got into Brooklyn, and how they would get there from the mainland, and which boroughs they'd drive through to get to Brooklyn.

Any help is most welcome, thanks.
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[ANON POST] Police jurisdiction and lingo, modern-day Maryland

Setting: Rural Maryland, USA, 2008 - a convenience store just off I-81.

My two main characters are having a fairly innocent makeout session in their car; the owner of the convenience store has apparently called the police, assuming there's more going on. A policeman approaches the MCs and, after an odd conversation, basically just tells them to break it up and move along.

What I need to know is:
- The store is located just off the interstate, outside the city limits. Would the cop be from the local/city police, county police, or a state trooper?
- At one point, the cop reports back to dispatch that the call can be closed. Are numerical codes still in common use, or would he say "indecent exposure"?
- If he uses codes: some sites say "indecent exposure" is "G1", some say it's "1700". (Looking specifically for codes used in Maryland; the California code system keeps popping up when I try to search more generally.) Which is the proper code?

Search terms: local police jurisdiction outside city limits, police jurisdiction on interstate highway, washington county maryland police codes, police radio codes.
Also searched various local government/service sites.

Thanks in advance.