August 24th, 2012

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Famous person privacy

My narrator is a groupie to a rock band on tour. Big-name band with some controversy. And I know nothing about being famous. Setting is modern U.S.

Googling for "celebrity privacy" or "celebrity private lives"(I did not expect THAT to be useful at all, I was surprised) pulls, in terms of relevant results, some articles about celebrities who just don't talk much to the media or do anything interesting in public and so have managed to keep their lives on the down low, but seriously: If Mick Jagger needed hemorrhoids removed, if Taylor Swift needed an abortion, if Katy Perry were MtF, how would THAT stay quiet? Is there someone who is the opposite of a publicist, whose job it is to burn the records that say Kevin Perry, to arrange a private waiting room at a place that does not draw protestors, to call hemorrhoids-R-us from a payphone and get them to send a doctor to a be taken to an undisclosed location? ("privacy consultant" seems to be people doing information security or helping people disappear.) Whose job would it be to keep the "justin bieber may/may not have knocked someone up" story from blowing up the way it did?

Or am I just over-estimating the amount of TMZ/paparazzi effort that would go into hassling a band that kept pretty mum about the things TMZ/paparazzi are interested in?

Other terms: who keeps celebrities private (more of same), celebrity privacy assistant, celebrity scandal privacy, privacy on tour, musician privacy, privacy band (all nil).

And now the word "privacy" looks weird.

Eighteenth-century injury to order

I need a wound for an English officer who was in the retreat at the Battle of Fontenoy, which would still give him trouble three months later. It has to be bad enough for him to be transferred from Flanders to Scotland, but not bad enough for him to be invalided out – and he needs to be able to ride and fight reasonably well.

In Scotland, he'll have access to a skilled doctor when it gives him real trouble and, ahem, I need him to take his shirt off to be treated. I'm thinking of a musket-ball clipping the ribs, but other ideas would be most welcome.

Fontenoy: France dominating Europe by Denis Gandilhon

Tags here: 1740 – 1749; injuries to order (just the first forty or so because they made me feel rather ill and why do I keep writing this sort of fic?)