August 21st, 2012

Duration of a police manhunt

Hi folks,

I've got kind of an odd question. Story setting is modern day "Rich Small Town, USA." The scenario is this: I have a character who has committed a string of murders and is being hunted by the police. Then, the murders stop and the character vanishes without a trace. How long would it take for the manhunt to grow cold and the police to focus their attention on other things?

I've tried googling things like "how long does a police manhunt last" and "duration of state police manhunt". Every search I do gives me either descriptions of video games, or news articles about a guy the police had been searching for then found and killed.

PT exercises to recover from being forced to a stress position

My apologies for posting again so soon, but it was really helpful last time. This time I have questions about Physical Therapy/PT exercises. I've looked in the archives and see some questions about stress positions as torture methods which is relevant here. That said, I'd like to know with a bit more detail how one comes back from that sort of thing, if it's on the much milder side (i.e. half a day of a stress position, rather than three days or something like that)

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